Sounds For The Reef - Compilation

> A compilation by Australia’s finest artists to support the campaign to keep the Great Barrier Reef great.

The Australian government is planning to build a ocean highway dead smack through its center destroying it beyond repair. This is your chance to help do something about it while satisfying your musical tastebuds at the same time. How? Buy this compilation, which is brimming with fine tunes and chock full of creative creatures like the barrier reef itself spawns so salaciously. Each of the artists is worth checking out in their own right, so get on it, help the Reef and yourself with these tunes.

Listen/purchase: Sounds For The Reef by Various

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[MPFree] The Eminent Stars - The Club (feat. Steffen Morrison)

Saxophonist Ben Mendes and drummer Toon Omen kick us a right one in the gut. This LP will wrench it with its soul grooves, as this freebie shows us, unrelenting, pounding those drums and riffin’ on those horns. Dutch ‘The Voice’ competitor Steffen Morrison sings the way he is supposed to. Meaning: lots of heart and heaps of soul.

Check out the complete LP because this lil’ ditty is but a taster and Tramp were absolutely right to press these ‘stars’ on righteous vinyl. It seems to me they are rarely wrong anyway, but let’s get back on that funky track. For instance the follow-up Ready to Fly featuring Imelda. If that doesn’t touch (and torch) your soul then please kindly bugger off and go watch that TV show with the auditions. All people with that GOOOD taste in music will do themselves a favor by taking in this LP front to back and get yourself some true soul that tickles your feet and shakes your spine. Actually almost any track on ‘Sittin In’ is funkier than the free deal. Which is mighty clever I’d say. So get on it!

Full album purchase: (Digi, LP, CD)

The Eminent Stars Home page: - Release party april 19th (FB event link)!

Tramp Records Blurb:

The eminent stars were founded by saxophonist Ben mendes and drummer Toon Omen. They both share the love for the great music emerging from cities like New Orleans in the 60’s and 70’s: Dr. John, Freddie Kking, The Meters and many more! just mix up some soul, rhythm & blues, funk and blues and there you have it: a record that consists of authentic elements: it’s danceable, intriguing, vibrant and fresh!

Guest vocalists include the great american singer-songwriter Bruce James, Imelda, Lana Gordon and Steffen Morrison. All blending in with the eminent stars!

The vinyl lp is a thick & loud 180gr pressing. It is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and comes with a full album download code.

[MPFree] We Are Friends - Compilation 

> It seems like a trend. And I like it. A free compilation by a bunch of labels that all produce lovely, funky, soulful music, distributed though Bandcamp. This time it’s Jalapeno Records, Agogo Records, Hiperbole Records, Lovemonk, Légère Recordings & Wonderwheel Recordings. The best thing is getting to find new gems and new labels with a dedication to putting out great underground music.

Grab the compilation:

Bandcamp Blurb:

Welcome to the “We Are Friends”! 

Friends, that is the six labels who respect themselves and love each other’s music. That’s why we joined forces and give all you people out there a free compilation of fresh tracks from all these labels. some unreleaed, some exclusives and some remixes. 

For the first issue we have a cool mixture of soul and funk, afro and electro, beats and breaks, dub and French pop for you. It’s axatcly what we like best: A colourful trip through up to date musical styles, just perfect for the springtime! 

We hope that you enjoy this compilation and the music of our friends. We certainly do ! 

You can download the whole compilation by giving us your eMail here at Bandcamp. 


Agogo Records / Hiperbole Records / Jalapeno Records / Lovemonk / Légère Recordings / Wonderwheel Recordings


released 14 March 2014

Get On Up Trailer - A movie about the life of James Brown. It’s gotsta be FONKY!

I don’t care how truthful this is gonna be. I am really looking forward to this! Supposedly in cinemas August 2014…

[MPFree] The Putbacks - In the Dirt

 > Awesome dusty funk from “Australia’s heaviest rhythm section” the Putbacks. To gain attention for the new 7”, they are giving away this little groover free. Listen at your own risk, dangerous grooves ahead (including a nifty tempo-change).

The new 7” single is even better though. A cover of legendary trakc Spanish Harlem, the Putbacks have enlisted Hiatus Kaiote singer Nai Palm and they hit this straight out of the park. Paired with B-side The Worm, this is one slab of 45RPM vinyl that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Listen, buy and more: Spanish Harlem b/w The Worm 7″ on the Hopestreet Recordings site.

[MPFree] Ed Solo & Skool of Thought - Random Acts Of Kindness

> A FULL ALBUM of breakbeat from back when it was booming in every way. This is one of the best albums in its genre, a true symbiosis of two awesome producers, up to par with A.Skillz & Krafty Kuts’ Tricka Technology. If you like funky beats and breaks mixed with soul, hiphop, reggae, scratches and a good measure of gooood grooves? Then dig this!

Download through the soundcloud set by following above link and grabbing the tracks from there.

[MPFree] Bear Twists, Father Funk & X-Ray Ted - Comin’ At Ya 

> Man I never knew what I was missing in the Ghetto Funk remixes until I heard this. That bassline was just a warped out glitchfest waiting to happen and these guys were happy to provide. Have a great first weekend of 2014 with many good beats, treats and music feasts! :-D

Here is a little NYE freebie Collab from Father Funk, X-Ray Ted and myself.

Happy new Year from the centre of holland !! (at Grand Café Lebowski)

[MPFree] VA - Record Kicks XMas

> Wowee! This compilation ‘eccellente’ to celebrate 10 years of Milan, Italy based Record Kicks starts off with a real soulful christmas anthem, followed by a grab bag of goodies from most of the current roster; an international blend of soul, funk, jazz afro beat and more! A great way to get familiar with the awesome music that is lovingly curated by label owner Nick Recordkicks.