Souleance - Jogar EP 

> The production is playful, which fits perfectly with the brazilian spirit. This is some excellent tunage to blast at a tropical themed BBQ sipping on your pool side Caipirinhas.

Souleance makes tracks like this sound easy. In this case meaning that the tracks lack some musical surprises/development. The EP gets saved by two things: its release timing, soon after the World Cup in Brazil, but more so by its dope production; raw, playful & balanced like a capoeirista in full force.

My Bang ‘n Mash Ramp Shows Blog mix. #24… It’s available via mixcloud too. An hour filled with Glitch, Funk, Bass & Beats!

The reactions have been very good; I’m very proud and flattered by it. I do this stuff for the  of music, so if you dig it, please share & comment. 

PS the original soundcloud upload is still available as well! 

[MPFree] Mojo Rising - Busted N Dusted  

> It’s #lazysunday and Cold Busted have the excellent soundtrack to accompany it! The day after a fun, long all-nighter can be hard, but with a soundtrack like this, accompanied with a few cold drinks and a recliner in the sun it is totally manageable. 

Mojo Rising’s ‘Busted N Dusted' is easily my favorite off this compilation but I'm sure there's more to your liking to put that SMILE on your face!

Cold Busted have been bringing us FREE compilations for a while now. I can’t believe this is already #16! With a whopping 27 tracks there’s always something there, so check it out and share the love if you like any of it!

The limited edition CASSETTE tape is already sold out, but the digital download will probably not run out soon. Still, get on this asap and soundtrack your #lazysunday like a boss!

DJ Sole Mate - Bang ‘n Mash DJ mix for Ramp Shows #24

> I created this mix for the Beat Fatigue “Malfunktionality” album release party, which glitched and bassed all over the Veronica ship on May 24th.

Having it released as a “Ramp Shows” podcast is an honour, and I hope this mix is enjoyed by its listeners (YOU) as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Hope to catch you at one of the next Bang ‘n Mash parties, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events announced soon!

Connie Price and the Keystones - Sticks & Stones 12”

> A gift from Nelleke & Willem, the 2006 Sticks & Stones 12” by Connie Price and the Keystones contains some awesome music.

"I’m Insinde Out" as featured in this video features uptempo groovin’ drums, psychedelic horns and cinematic suspense. The track is exclusive to this release

Here’s a youtube topic link to check out more from the “Wildflower” LP and other music by Connie Price and the Keystones